10 Essential Tips for Planning a Wedding

Congrats! You said yes to the love of your life and now you’ve got a wedding to draw up the blueprints for. Heads up though, without any sort of guideline or list to follow and check off as essentials get accomplished (or even with the said list), it will be a stressful time planning your big day. I can say from experience, nothing about this is easy. You may even drive your own self-crazy being the coordinator for an event that is specifically 90% about you. Required perfection, not for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, long-distance family members, or even the parents of the almost married couple, but it should be perfect for the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs.

Similar to the start of a writing assignment, you’ll want to organize and create rough drafts of the ideas you have. In a notebook, the Notes app on your smartphone, or just scrap paper stored into a folder for random ideas and thoughts.

Create your budget. When I created mine, initially I went the cliché route and made up a budget for the entire wedding. Come to find out, it was easier to create a list of everything needed, and then set a budget amount per item that we would eventually purchase or spend like mini desserts for engagement party for example.

Picking the colors can be based on more than assumed. The season, an item important to have in the wedding or worn on the bride, the couple’s favorite colors, or just a genuinely good-looking color combination. I found that once the colors were decided, it helped a lot with applying to other aspects of the wedding planning.

Choosing the wedding party. This can be more peculiar according to the bride and groom. My husband and I chose our maid of honor and best man, the end. We didn’t want to struggle with figuring out dressing our party. Deciding on outfits and shades of the wedding colors for the outfits isn’t easily agreed upon the more people in your wedding party.

Creating the guest list. This ties back to budgeting for the big day. The more people attending the wedding, the more people will expect to be fed, hydrated, and entertained. This requires the bride and groom to mingle throughout the guests and make sure everyone has been acknowledged because it’s the polite thing to do.

When choosing the date and venue, consider the time of year, will your guests have to travel far to reach the chosen wedding venue? Is it safe and easily accessible for older and disabled guests? If it is outdoors, is the weather just right so that it isn’t too hot or too cold? It should be the venue of your dreams, however, consider these few items before picking the venue and make sure it’s a venue with your chosen date available.

Who will marry the happy couple? Religious couples commonly have the priest of their attended church be their officiant. Some people aren’t religious or want a person they personally know performs this important task. Licensing to become an officiant can be different per state, but if applicable, it’s a simple process to get through.

Catering, photography, videography, flowers, the toast, centerpieces for the guests’ tables, and the guestbook (a creative idea is purchasing a large wooden letter symbolizing the first letter of the married last name. Have the letter painted, and when guests arrive then sign, this can later get hung onto a wall of the couple’s home as decorative décor).

Every girl has dreamed of what her wedding dress would look like the day of her wedding. Having an idea of the dress before entering the dress shop will help make this process go a little smoother. Take your time with deciding on a dress, because this is the most crucial aspect of your wedding.

Finally, send out the invitations provided with venue location, time, and information about where the bride and groom registered. Taste test numerous cakes, purchase the rings, and importantly, obtain the marriage license within 30 days of the wedding day. This license can’t expire before the wedding, or else the marriage license will have to get done all over again.

Provided this list, I can only hope these 10 essentials for your big day are of help to you and a guide well enough to ease through the process. Regardless of everything happening, from saying, “Yes!” the night he proposed, up until you finally meet with your almost lawfully wedded significant other, you’ll experience the heaviest butterflies in your stomach that you’ve ever had and ever will have, and love, pure love. Feeling this will trump any stress or potential doubt prior to the big day. So here’s to the beginning of your forever.